3 Mistakes Most Parents Make When It Comes To Pool Safety


With holiday season upon us, chances are you’ll be venturing somewhere with a pool this summer.

But before you take little ones swimming, Cathy Vance, a seasoned swimming instructor based in Austin, Texas, wants you to know a few things first.

Drowning is most common between the ages of one and four years old – and most drownings in children happen in swimming pools.

Here are the mistakes around 90% of parents make when it comes to pool safety, according to Vance – as well as what we can all learn from them.

1. Trusting flotation devices

Parents often misjudge the safety of common flotation devices such as puddle jumpers and water wings, suggests Vance, who adds they can actually “do more harm than good”.

This is because they condition children to stay upright in the water, which is the opposite of the horizontal position used in swimming.

“If a child unexpectedly falls into a pool, this conditioning can be dangerous as they may struggle to adjust,” the swimming instructor tells HuffPost UK.

So, when choosing a flotation device, she urges parents to opt for those that promote a horizontal swimming position.

“However,” she warns, “remember, these devices are not foolproof. They are no substitute for proper swim lessons and continuous adult supervision.”


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