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Pools and Hot Tubs on Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas’ pools are all located on Deck 11. There are two main pools for adults and kids to use and a trio of whirlpools as well. Not all guests love that kids can use these hot tubs and the main pool area definitely gets a little rowdy during the day. A large movie screen hanging above the pool shows movies at night.

If you’re after an adults-only sanctuary on Mariner of the Seas, head to the Solarium, also on Deck 11. There, you’ll find a pool and a pair of whirlpools, plus loungers, tables and large daybed-like areas to relax on. It’s still a lively place to hang out during the day (there’s a bar, after all), but lacks the sometimes towel-strewn vibe of the main pool area. Due to its shape and position, sections of the Solarium pool on Mariner of the Seas are in shadow for long parts of the day, with the best sun exposure coming around noon.

Lifeguards are visible and on duty whenever the pools or hot tubs are open. Hydraulic lifts are available in pools and whirlpools, both in the main pool area and in the Solarium.

Water Slides, FlowRider, SkyPad and Other Things to Do on Mariner of the Seas

There’s no shortage of recreational offerings on Mariner of the Seas. The rock-climbing wall features routes of varying difficulty as well as safety harnesses and belay equipment (plus basic instructions).

The FlowRider, Royal Caribbean’s signature surfing simulator, always has a line. You’ll see everyone give it a try, from experienced surfers to newbies. The instructors and safety crew give tips to everyone who rides, and those who fall off early get a quick second ride before rejoining the line. Nearby seating allows a crowd to gather and watch those brave enough to try.

The Perfect Storm — twin racing water slides that appear to hang out beyond the edge of the ship — is another popular spot for kids and adults alike. Though the line is often considerable, it moves reasonably quickly.

You can’t miss Mariner of the Seas’ Sky Pad, a giant yellow orb overlooking the sports court and FlowRider. A virtual-reality bungee trampoline experience with four trampolines, the Sky Pad always has a long line of cruisers ready to strap themselves into a harness and virtual-reality headset. Once bouncing around on a trampoline, they could choose one of several VR games to play.

The sports courts aren’t the most popular spot. You’ll see a few people playing basketball, though the whole area wasn’t in the best shape during our last sailing.

At the front of the ship on Deck 13, Mariner Dunes is a nine-hole mini-golf course, featuring bright, cartoonish obstacles like lighthouses, pirate ships, shells and dunes.

Sun Decks on Mariner of the Seas

The primary sun decks aboard Mariner of the Seas surround the main and Solarium pools, and extend up onto Deck 12 above. Tiers of loungers to either side of the pool bar are reserved for suite passengers. The pool deck does get crowded, but the sun deck above usually has plenty of room to spread out. Signs advise passengers not to reserve seats, but that didn’t stop people on our sailing; as a result, pool attendants were vigilant in removing any paperbacks, cover-ups, sunglasses and flip-flops being used to save seats after a reasonable time span.

Other sun decks are located on Deck 12 aft and Deck 13 aft and forward. The aft area is a mix of tables and seating overlooking the Sports Court, FlowRider and rock climbing wall. The forward area on Deck 13 — Mariner Dunes — is packed with loungers that are seldom used, as this is where the ship’s nine-hole mini-golf course is located.

Services and Internet on Mariner of the Seas

Like all Royal Caribbean ships, Mariner of the Seas internet connection is faster than you’ll find on most ships. Download speeds for large files are slow, but you can access data programs and other online software pretty easily if you do need to do some work. Video calls through apps like Whatsapp work acceptably, though video chatting programs that use larger bandwidths likely won’t work perfectly. It is expensive, and each package only allows one of two devices to be on the internet at any time, but if you want to stay connected at sea, Mariner of the Seas’ WI-Fi is a solid bet.

Royal Caribbean’s app works aboard the ship even without purchasing a VOOM Wi-Fi package. This lets you see what’s going on every day, hour by hour, as well as what restaurants and bars are open, what entertainment is coming in the evening. You can make reservations and book shore excursions and activities for Mariner of the Seas with the app as well.

Mariner of the Seas also offers a bevy of services and shops. Guest Services is located on Deck 5 and lines are long at the beginning and end of any itinerary. There’s also a next cruise desk, where you can score discounts on booking your next Royal Caribbean sailing, plus a shore excursions desk.

The Royal Promenade is also home to several shops featuring duty-free liquor, Royal Caribbean- and Mariner of the Seas-branded clothing and merchandise, and a jewelry store. On Deck 3, the Art and Photo Gallery draws visitors to look at the artwork for sale and the photos taken by the onboard photography team. The conference center on Deck 2 has ample meeting space.

There’s no self-service laundry onboard Mariner of the Seas, but you can pack a bag with dirty clothing and have it washed and folded for a hefty fee. However, sailings are short on this ship, so this likely isn’t necessary.


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