Natural pool ideas to create a dreamy backyard oasis


There is something dreamy and ethereal about natural pool ideas. Wild and abundant with reeds and aquatic plants that help purify, the best natural swimming pools have clear water that looks as though you’ve just stumbled on a natural spring, instead of that highly chlorinated look – a telling sign that your swimming pool is filled with chemicals. 

If you’re considering making a splash with this modern pool idea in your own backyard, or are just seeking inspiration for how to get the natural aesthetic, here are some ways to embellish your natural pool.

1. Add reeds for natural purification

A natural swimming pool lined with reeds

(Image credit: Paulien van Noort. Design: GetAway Projects BV)

So how do you clean a pool that’s natural? Like standard swimming pools, natural pools typically have filters that will need to be cleaned regularly, helping to distribute and circulate the water. Some natural pools use chlorine or salt to keep the water clear and clean, but mostly, the natural pool trend avoids the use of chemicals totally, instead relying on the power of natural flora and fauna to help clean the water.


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