Patriotic Pool Party Ideas For The 4th of July


Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad how much he means to you, and what better way to do that than by enhancing his swimming pool experience? Whether your dad is a fun-loving guy who enjoys pool games, someone who takes pride in maintaining the perfect swimming environment, or simply wants a serene oasis to relax in, we have the perfect swimming pool gift ideas for him. Here are 20 pool gifts for Father’s Day that are sure to make your dad happy.

20 Great Pool Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Gifts That Add Fun & Excitement To The Pool

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Enhance your poolside ambiance with the AILBTON 100ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights, designed to bring vibrant illumination and versatility to your outdoor space. Encased in an IP68 waterproof tube, these LED strip lights are specifically engineered to withstand outdoor conditions such as splashes, submersion, rainfall, and sun exposure, ensuring durability and longevity. Whether installed around your pool deck, patio, or garden, these lights add a colorful and dynamic atmosphere to your aquatic retreat.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Swimming Pool

Control the lighting experience seamlessly either through the app or the included IR remote. The app, downloadable from Google Play and the iOS App Store, offers a range of modes including Music Sync, MIC mode, and a timer function, allowing you to synchronize lighting effects with your poolside activities. The IR remote provides convenient control within a distance of 32.8 feet, making adjustments effortless.

Tieleman Movable Floors
Waterproof LED Strip Lights by Shine Decor

Pool Bar – Swim Up Bar For Above Ground Pools

Elevate any poolside experience with this versatile Pool Bar, designed specifically for above-ground round pools or 16ft by 8ft and 4ft deep pools. Crafted from durable wood-plastic material, it offers the aesthetic appeal of real wood without the common drawbacks like warping, rotting, or fading. This bar is built to withstand the elements, ensuring it remains a beautiful and functional addition to any pool area.

Dad will love this bar for its perfect blend of style and practicality. It provides a convenient space for drinks, snacks, and socializing, making every poolside moment enjoyable and stress-free. The bar’s height is adjustable, catering to various seating preferences, whether Dad wants to stand and chat or sit and relax. Easy to install and maintain, it’s designed to save time and effort, allowing Dad to focus on what he loves most – spending quality time by the pool with family and friends. This Pool Bar is the ultimate Father’s Day gift, adding convenience and a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

Pool Bar - Swim Up Bar For Above Ground Pools

2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game

Take your poolside fun to the next level with this LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set by OHYEMO, perfect for creating memorable moments with Dad this Father’s Day. This versatile set offers two games in one, featuring an LED-lit volleyball net and a basketball hoop that boast 16 million colors and 210+ light modes. The adjustable 15ft volleyball net (with a max width of 25ft) and poolside basketball hoop are designed to fit various inground pool shapes, ensuring endless fun for the entire family.

Control the vibrant lights easily with the included remote or through a user-friendly app, allowing you to switch the lights on or off, adjust brightness and speed, and set timers. The app lets you tailor the lighting to match every mood and moment of your poolside parties. The lights also sync with music and microphone inputs, creating a dynamic, beat-infused light show that responds to your favorite tunes.

Enhance your pool games with included LED basketballs and volleyballs that light up with every tap or hit, adding an extra layer of excitement to each dunk and spike. The set is designed for easy setup, with stable bases to prevent tilting and ensure a safe gaming environment. The shared base design allows for seamless switching between volleyball and basketball, providing a dynamic and engaging aquatic experience. This LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set is the perfect gift for Dad, combining fun, innovation, and unforgettable family moments.

LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game

Gemini Soundsplash Waterproof Floating Party Speaker

Transform your poolside gatherings with the Gemini Soundsplash Speaker, the ultimate mobile speaker designed to elevate your outdoor events. Perfect for pool parties, this waterproof speaker boasts Bluetooth technology, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes from any compatible device with ease. With 400 Watts of Peak Power, the Soundsplash delivers booming bass and clear treble, ensuring high-quality sound that keeps the party going for hours.

The Gemini Soundsplash is equipped with beat-synced multi-color LED woofer lights and a center strobe light, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that lights up the night. Its IP67 waterproof rating means you can enjoy worry-free fun by the pool, and a sealed compartment in the back is perfect for storing your phone and wallet securely. For added convenience, the Soundsplash features voice control, allowing you to receive phone calls or use Siri without getting your phone wet. Ergonomic handles make it easy to transport, so you can take your music wherever you go, and added cup holders provide a convenient place to stash your Dad’s favorite beverages while enjoying a dip.

Gemini Soundsplash Waterproof Floating Party Speaker

Bestway Steel Pro MAX 15′ by 48″ Round Above Ground Family Swimming Pool Set

If you don’t currently own a pool, you’ll love the Bestway Steel Pro MAX 15′ by 48″ Round Above Ground Family Swimming Pool Set, its an excellent choice for families. Offering a hassle-free backyard pool experience that Dad will appreciate, its easy, tool-free assembly means you can set it up quickly and start enjoying quality time together outdoors. The pool’s durable design with a puncture-resistant liner and corrosion-resistant steel frame ensures it can handle the rigors of active family use throughout the season, providing peace of mind.

Whether splashing around with the kids or relaxing in the sun, this 15-foot by 48-inch above-ground pool adds a touch of luxury to any backyard with its vibrant blue color and premium look. The DuraPlus enhanced 3-ply liner not only enhances durability but also adds stability with a support band, ensuring the pool remains strong and secure for summers to come. This complete set comes with a Filter, Pump, Ladder, and Pool Cover.

Make Pool Maintenance Easier On Dad With These Gift Ideas

Aiper Scuba S1 Pro

Give Dad the gift of effortless pool maintenance this Father’s Day with the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro Pool Cleaner. Engineered with premium cleaning and performance features, this advanced pool cleaner boasts dual active PVC rollers and a quad-brushless motor system, delivering unmatched scrubbing and suction power. Its versatile, robust caterpillar treads allow it to navigate uneven pool floors and scale sloped walls, ensuring thorough cleaning of the entire pool.

The Scuba S1 Pro stands out with its industry-leading technology for horizontal waterline cleaning, effectively scrubbing up to 99% of oily, limescale, and algae buildup along the waterline. With WavePath Navigation Technology 2.0, this pool cleaner increases cleaning coverage by 99%, using top-of-the-line sensors to pinpoint its location and ensure comprehensive cleaning of the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline. The Aiper Scuba S1 Pro offers five cleaning modes, including Auto, Eco, Waterline, Floor-only, and Wall-only, with Eco Mode providing consistent cleaning throughout the week.

Aiper Scuba S1 Pro

Betta SE Plus Solar Powered Skimmer

Treat Dad to the ultimate in pool maintenance this Father’s Day with the Betta SE Plus Pool Cleaner. Featuring cutting-edge Aqua Dynamics design, this innovative cleaner delivers exceptional efficiency, offering continuous cleaning for over 30 hours on a single full charge, even on rainy or cloudy days. With a swift recharge time of just 5 to 6 hours under direct sunlight or 3.5 hours with an adapter, it ensures 24/7 uninterrupted cleaning of surface debris, preventing them from settling at the bottom of the pool.

The Betta SE Plus tirelessly patrols the pool surface, effectively eliminating debris such as leaves, dust, pollen, insects, and pet hair. The large fine-mesh (200 um) debris basket features a convenient top handle for effortless emptying, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Featuring smart auto-cleaning feature and cordless design, complete with a wireless remote control for convenient mode adjustments, make pool maintenance a breeze.

Betta SE Plus Solar Powered Skimmer

Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Pool Vacuum

Make Dad’s pool maintenance effortless this Father’s Day with the Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Pool Vacuum, a powerful and efficient tool designed to keep both above-ground and inground pools pristine. With a 40% larger debris chamber than the original Catfish Ultra, this vacuum captures more leaves, sand, dirt, and debris, allowing for longer cleaning sessions without frequent emptying.

Featuring 15% more powerful suction and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Catfish Ultra provides robust cordless power with no need for hoses or cords. It offers up to 45 minutes of runtime, letting Dad spend more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning. The removable 10.5” vacuum head with brushes is perfect for delicate vinyl liners and all other surfaces in above-ground pools. For inground pools, the nose cone head tackles hard-to-reach areas, and the minimum operating depth of 12.25 inches at a 45-degree angle allows for effective cleaning of pool steps and shallow areas.

Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Pool Vacuum

ProTuff Pool Cleaning Bundle – Includes Brush, Net, Pole

Give Dad the gift of a crystal-clear pool with the ProTuff Pool Cleaning Bundle this Father’s Day. Engineered for efficiency and durability, this bundle includes everything needed for superior pool maintenance.

ProTuff Pool Brush: Enjoy 3X more efficient cleaning with the ProTuff pool brush featuring a 40% larger debris chamber. Its versatile design handles corner, step, floor, and pool wall cleaning effortlessly, ensuring a pristine pool surface. The bristles are tough yet safe for various pool surfaces, protecting vinyl liners while effectively scrubbing dirt and algae.

ProTuff Pool Skimmer Net: This 23.5″ skimmer net is a game-changer in pool cleaning. With its super-strong aluminum alloy frame and durable, abrasion-resistant nylon bag, it swiftly captures leaves and debris without marring pool surfaces. The medium mesh size filters large debris, making pool maintenance quick and easy.

Telescopic Pool Pole: The 12-foot telescopic pole with ProTuff’s patented “Lock Right” design ensures a secure grip without slipping or collapsing. Made from 1.8mm thick, 6061-T6 aluminum, it’s built to last and includes unlimited free replacements for life, providing hassle-free adjustments and superior performance.

Sutro Pool Monitor

Give Dad the gift of hassle-free pool maintenance with the Sutro Pool and Spa Monitor this Father’s Day. Designed to simplify pool care, Sutro ensures your pool or spa is always safe, clean, and swim-ready.

Smart Monitoring: The Sutro device floats in your pool or spa, continuously measuring pH, free chlorine (and bromine for spas), and alkalinity. Receive accurate chemical readings directly to your phone via the Sutro App, ensuring peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

Complete System: The full system includes the Sutro Monitor, water test cartridge, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, Hub and Charger base unit, and a US-110V adapter. Set up the Hub indoors to extend the device’s range and enhance monitoring capabilities.

Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with chlorine, saltwater, bromine, mineral, ozone, and UV pools and hot tubs, adapting to various water treatment systems.

Get Dad a Pool Float Fit For a King

Aqua Leisure Ultra Floating Pool Chair

Treat Dad to the ultimate relaxation experience with the Aqua Leisure Ultra Floating Pool Chair. This heavy-duty recliner is designed for comfort and durability, featuring material that is 40% thicker than standard pool floats, ensuring outstanding buoyancy and stability with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. Its bench seat shape and oversized backrest provide luxurious comfort, complemented by built-in boarding handles and a convenient beverage holder. Equipped with mooring loops, the chair can be securely anchored to a boat, dock, or shore, offering versatile use in different aquatic settings.

The Cozi-Soft Fabric not only enhances comfort but also dazzles with vibrant colors that intensify when wet, adding a touch of luxury to Dad’s poolside relaxation. This premium, oversized recliner measures 72 x 52 inches when inflated, offering ample space for Dad to stretch out and unwind in style. Perfect for enjoying leisurely moments by the pool, the Aqua Leisure Ultra Floating Pool Chair makes for an ideal gift to elevate Dad’s poolside experience. Whether he’s lounging solo or enjoying time with family, this chair promises comfort, durability, and relaxation all summer long.

Aqua Leisure Ultra Floating Pool Chair

Tangkula Inflatable Pool Float For Two

The Tangkula Inflatable Pool Float For Two offers a luxurious and comfortable way to enjoy the water with a friend or loved one. Featuring a removable and retractable canopy made from 190T silver-coated fabric, it provides UPF 50 sun protection and shields against harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring a cool and shaded environment. The ergonomic design includes a backrest and armrests that conform to your body’s curves, offering excellent support to your neck, back, and arms, thereby reducing spinal stress. Convenient 2.5” cup holders on both sides keep beverages within easy reach for uninterrupted relaxation.

Crafted from thick and durable PVC, this inflatable float supports up to 440 lbs, ensuring safety and stability on the water. The upgraded segmented fiber tubes enhance safety further by minimizing the risk of breakage, ensuring long-lasting use. Quick inflation and deflation are facilitated by three air valves, while the separate chamber design prevents air leakage. For added convenience, the package includes a repair kit as a precautionary measure. The float’s versatility extends beyond the pool, making it suitable for use on rivers, lakes, beaches, and more.

Giant Inflatable Luxury Clear Navy Chaise Lounger by Funboy

Help Dad experience the ultimate in poolside relaxation with Funboy’s Giant Inflatable Clear Navy Chaise Lounger, the ultimate floating chaise that redefines luxury on the water. Crafted from new navy clear material, this lounger boasts a modern ergonomic design, ensuring the most relaxing pool float experience available. With dimensions of 70”x45”, its an oversized float that can easily accommodate up to two people and includes a convenient cup-holder for added convenience.

What we like best? This lounger inflates and deflates in under 2 minutes, thanks to FUNBOY’s large integrated air valve designed for rapid inflation and deflation (electric pump not included).

Whether Dad is lounging solo or sharing the relaxation with a loved one, Funboy’s Giant Inflatable Clear Navy Chaise Lounger promises unparalleled comfort and style for your next aquatic adventure. Dive in and indulge in the ultimate luxury on water!

Giant Inflatable Luxury Clear Navy Chaise Lounger by Funboy

Lagoon Lounger Pool Float by Big Joe

For dads looking to unwind and enjoy some quality relaxation by the pool, the Lux Lagoon Pool Lounger by Big Joe is the ultimate companion. Imagine sinking into its plush, contoured design that hugs every curve, thanks to Big Joe’s innovative lightweight bean technology. Crafted with UV treated fabric that’s tough against the sun and made from recycled materials, it ensures durability while offering a smooth, comfortable surface that won’t stick to your skin.

Lagoon Lounger Pool Float by Big Joe

Designed for maximum comfort, this oversized pool float boasts stylish vegan leather accents, sturdy handles for easy maneuvering, and convenient metal loops for hanging towels or accessories. Its mesh bottom allows water to drain quickly, keeping you cool and dry as you lounge. Whether Dad wants to catch some rays solo or relax with the family, the Lux Lagoon Pool Lounger promises unparalleled comfort and style. It’s the perfect way for Dad to unwind and enjoy some well-deserved downtime by the pool, making every sunny day feel like a mini-vacation right in the backyard.

Lux Lagoon Pool Lounger by Big Joe

Big Joe Lux Sealander Pool Float and Patio Chair

For the dad who loves to kick back and soak up the sun, the Lux Sealander Pool Float and Patio Chair by Big Joe is the ultimate relaxation essential. This versatile lounger combines poolside comfort with patio leisure, featuring a detachable ottoman and lightweight bean filling that contours to your body for sublime comfort, whether floating in the pool or lounging on the patio.

Big Joe Lux Sealander Pool Lounger and Ottoman

Crafted from high-quality, quick-drying UV treated fabric, it’s durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for outdoor use. Unlike inflatable options, it’s always ready to go with no need for inflation, thanks to its buoyant Big Joe beans that provide just the right amount of support. Thoughtful details like detachable ottoman with a secure clip, vegan leather accents, and sturdy handles add both functionality and style.

Whether he’s unwinding with a drink in hand or catching up on a good book, the Lux Sealander is designed to make every poolside or patio moment luxurious and relaxing. It’s the ideal choice for dads who appreciate comfort, quality, and effortless outdoor lounging.

Lux Sealander Pool Float and Patio Chair by Big Joe

Pool Gift Ideas For Dad Under $100

Pool Cooler – Insulated Cooler for Above Ground Pools (11 Quarts)

For the dad who loves to unwind by the pool without missing a beat, the POOLHACKER Pool Cooler is the ultimate companion. This insulated hard cooler ensures that cold beverages and snacks are always within arm’s reach, keeping them refreshingly chilled for up to 3 days. With its convenient design, there’s no need to leave the poolside to fetch drinks or snacks, making it perfect for lazy summer days or lively pool parties.

Despite its compact size, the POOLHACKER cooler holds up to 12 cans along with ice, providing ample storage space without taking up valuable poolside real estate. Its sleek and attractive design enhances the ambiance of any outdoor space, blending seamlessly with the poolside decor. Lightweight and portable, it’s equally suitable for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and other activities beyond the pool area, making it a versatile addition to any dad’s summer toolkit.

The Pool Guy T-Shirt – Makes an Ideal Father’s Day Gift for Pool Lovers

Celebrate the pool-loving dad in your life with “The Pool Guy” T-shirt, an ideal Father’s Day gift that combines comfort and style with a touch of humor. Crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton, this T-shirt ensures dad stays cool and comfortable whether he’s lounging by the pool or tending to his aquatic oasis.

The bold, eye-catching design proudly proclaims “The Pool Guy,” making it a perfect fit for the dad who takes pride in maintaining the family pool. With its durable fabric and classic fit, this T-shirt is built to withstand the splashes and sun of countless poolside adventures. Give dad the gift of comfort, style, and a little bit of poolside swagger with “The Pool Guy” T-shirt this Father’s Day.

The Pool Guy T-Shirt

Pool Storage Equipment Organizer Holder

For the dad who loves keeping everything shipshape around the pool, the Essentially Yours Pool Storage Equipment Organizer Holder is the ultimate Father’s Day gift. Crafted from sturdy PVC and tear-resistant mesh, it’s built tough to withstand sun, rain, and whatever the kids throw its way. Dad can organize all the pool essentials effortlessly with its double-decker design — pool noodles neatly on top with ample space below for toys, floats, balls, and cleaning gear.

What sets this organizer apart? It rolls smoothly on lockable wheels, making it easy for dad to move it around or secure it in place by the poolside. Plus, assembly is a breeze with no tools required, so dad can spend more time relaxing by the pool and less time assembling furniture. Available in dad-approved colors like blue, white, or brown and a range of sizes, this organizer not only keeps things tidy but also adds a touch of practicality and style to the outdoor oasis. Give dad the gift of an organized pool area this Father’s Day with Essentially Yours.

Pool Storage Equipment Organizer Holder

World’s Greatest Dad Personalized Pool Towel

Celebrate the amazing dad in your life with The World’s Greatest Dad Pool Towel, the perfect gift for Father’s Day. This oversized towel, measuring 23″ x 47″, is super absorbent and crafted from a soft, 100% cotton/polyester blend microfiber material that provides ultimate comfort.

Customize it with your dad’s name or add the children’s names using the easy-to-use customization tool. Add a personal touch to your dad’s towel with unique graphic designs and various color combinations. Whether he’s lounging by the pool or sunbathing at the beach, this towel offers a gentle and relaxing experience, with a durable fabric that keeps sand out and dries quickly. Easy to care for, this towel can be machine washed and tumble dried. Give your dad a gift that combines utility, comfort, and a personal touch, showing him how much he is appreciated.

World's Greatest Dad Personalized Pool Towel

Floating Golf Green for Pool

For the golf-loving dad who enjoys a bit of friendly competition and poolside relaxation, the Senseclub Golf Chipping Net & Floating Chipping Green is the perfect Father’s Day gift. This complete set includes a 22″x32″ floating golf green, a chipping mat with tee, a dip net, 12 foam balls, a cup with flag, and two tethering ropes to keep the green in place, ensuring dad has everything he needs for an exciting backyard golf experience.

Constructed with premium tour artificial grass and a real green and sand bunker design, this floating golf green offers a realistic and durable chipping practice setup. The waterproof foam board is built to last, and the compact central cup with a flag adds an authentic touch. Foam flight balls float on water, making it easy to retrieve missed shots using the included dip net, so dad can quickly get back to perfecting his swing.

Choose The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For The Pool Lover In Your Life

We’ve curated a list of the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for the pool lover in your life, from fun and exciting additions like floating bluetooth speakers and LED sports sets to practical maintenance tools such as robotic pool cleaners and pool monitors, our selection covers a wide range of interests and needs. We’ve also included luxurious items to help turn his pool area into a relaxing oasis. Hopefully, we’ve given you some great gift ideas for Father’s Day to please the swimming pool lover in your life.


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