Pickerington pool increases safety measures after bad behavior and fighting


PICKERINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) — Effective Friday there will be new rules at the Pickerington Community Pool.

Signs have been posted around the pool that say zero tolerance for profanity, verbal threats or any act of violence. Pickerington city officials said these changes are in response to bad behavior, including fighting last weekend.

The people NBC4 spoke with said if these rules will keep the pool a family environment they are for it.

“It’s just sad to see that we can’t even go to our pool without that behavior honestly,” said Pickerington mother Amanda Hanson.

The pool opened less than one week ago. Thursday night, the City of Pickerington released a statement online saying, “Effective June 7, 2024 we are implementing changes at the Pickerington community pool that we hope will eliminate some of the problems our staff has been dealing with over the past week, including fighting, aggression toward other patrons, profanity, etc. We want the pool to be a safe and enjoyable place and we feel these changes will not only better protect patrons, but our pool staff and lifeguards.”

The new rules are that you must be 21 or older to buy a day pass and must have proof of residency in the Pickerington local school district to purchase. Those people can buy two additional day passes but must be with their guests at all times. Season pass holders may also purchase two additional passes for guests.

The city said there will also be an increased police presence at the pool.

“Makes me not want to go actually, it makes me think that my kid is not going to be safe swimming. You know, we go there for fun and to hang out with family,” Hanson said.

NBC4 spoke with staff from the mayor’s office over the phone. They said they have implemented these rules before in the past in 2021 and 2022.

“We want everyone to have a good experience at the Pickerington community pool. The safety of our pool staff, season passholders and guests will always be our top priority and we feel these changes are necessary in response to recent behavior-related incidents,” said the City of Pickerington in an online statement.

The city said they feel confident these rules will eliminate the issue. People NBC4 spoke with said they also have faith there will be improvements.

“You have to, rules have to be put in place absolutely. So people can abide by them. So, yes, you have to have that. That’s part of the law,” said Pickerington resident Karen Beaty.

On Friday, there were Pickerington police officers patrolling the pool all day.


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