Retired Forres doctor James Anderson highlights health benefits of Moray Hydrotherapy Pool for all age groups


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Little Fins with instructor Leona Wright at Moray Hydrotherapy Pool.Little Fins with instructor Leona Wright at Moray Hydrotherapy Pool.
Little Fins with instructor Leona Wright at Moray Hydrotherapy Pool.

A RETIRED local doctor is calling for health care professionals to back hydrotherapy.

Chairman and user of Moray Hydrotherapy Pool , James ‘Doc’ Anderson wants as many people as possible to benefit from use of the facilities on Burdsyard Road.

He said: “I would like to prompt all health professionals to make hydrotherapy part of what they recommend to pain sufferers. Every patient they recognise as requiring a large joint replacement should be trying to restore musculature, both pre-op and post-op. Also, people suffering from mental health problems who would benefit from taking controlled exercise in a soothing environment.”

Hydrotherapy involves the use of warm water for pain relief and treatment, stimulating blood circulation and treating symptoms of certain diseases.

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool, originally opened in 2011, is used by a wide range of people, including those with arthritis, MS and cerebral palsy. It is also great for those recovering from injuries or accidents.

Forres Health and Care Centre practice manager, Fiona Harris, encourages her staff to recommend its use whenever it is appropriate.

She said: “Hydrotherapy provides relief from pain, stiffness and swelling.

“Many patients find exercising in water is more comfortable as the buoyancy makes movement easier.

“By undertaking exercises in the pool, patients are able to increase their muscle strength and improve their balance.

“It can also improve flexibility.

“Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial to patients suffering from arthritis, chronic pain or neurological conditions, as well as providing rehabilitation following an accident or stroke.”

Mrs Harris pointed out that many patients mistakenly believe that they need a GP referral to access hydrotherapy.

She said: “Patients just need to contact the pool to arrange induction/assessment with the hydrotherapist, which includes completing a simple medical questionnaire to tailor the therapy to best suit needs.”

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool also provides for young swimmers. Purple Turtles (3-6-years) and Little Fins (babies- 4-and-a-half with parents) sessions provide lessons and water experience for more than 200 children-a-week.

Dr Anderson said: “The wonderful instructors are Emma Barber, Stephen Snowdon and Leona Wright.

“They teach attendees to be respectful of the water while having fun.”

Call 01309 672984 or visit for more information.


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