Top 5 summer safety tips with kids


As the temperature rises and the sun beckons us outdoors, it’s crucial to be armed with knowledge that ensures a safe and enjoyable summer for your little adventurers.

From bites and stings to button battery safety, here are 5 tips to help keep your little ones safe this summer.

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Cooling off safely: don’t forget the play pool

Play pools are a summer staple, and so much fun, but without constant active supervision and appropriate barriers they can turn into hazards. Always tip out the play pool immediately after use to prevent drowning accidents, and store it on its side or deflate to prevent water collecting in it again.

 Bites and stings: in and out of the water

Whether you and your little ones are wading in the shallows or exploring the great outdoors, bites and stings can happen. We have more than our fair share of venomous creatures here in Australia, and luckily there are some fantastic guides that cover almost everything that can bite and sting you, and the correct first aid to apply. The Australian Bites and Stings App is a must-download, and when it comes to using insect repellents on the kids safely, follow this guide.

Child-proofing your summer stay

Whether you’re visiting relatives or enjoying a holiday escape, it’s essential to child-proof your surroundings. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Check for hidden hazards: 
  • Staying with relatives who don’t normally have kids around can be tricky –  are there medications in reach? Cleaning products? Choking hazards? 
  • Holidaying in a hotel? Scan the room for loose cords, secure the bar fridge and small objects that could be tempting for tiny hands.
  • Is there a balcony? Secure access: kids are climbers by nature, so make sure access to the balcony is restricted, especially if there is furniture that could be pushed to the railing and climbed upon.
  • Emergency plan: familiarise yourself with the nearest medical facilities, just in case. It’s always better to be prepared.

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Shoe sense for safety

As your little one explores the world, ensure their tiny feet are protected. Shoes are a summer essential, guarding against hot surfaces such as sand, rubber, synthetic grass and concrete. Kidsafe NSW state that a child is at risk of a burn when a surface exceeds 50ºC and when the skin is heated to 45ºC for a prolonged period. Many playground surfaces and equipment (including plastic parts) can exceed these temperatures when there is a low humidity, bright, sunny day in the high twenties. So before your child goes to play, carefully test the surface by touching it with your hand –  if it is comfortable for you to touch, it’s safe to play.

Toy check: a must-do before playtime

It’s an exciting time to play with the new toys Santa has brought for Christmas, but before your little ones dive into playtime, it’s essential to do a quick toy check. Inspect for any loose parts, broken pieces, or potential choking hazards, including button batteries. Also make sure the toys are age/developmentally appropriate, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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