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Las Vegas, known for its vibrant entertainment scene and bustling casinos, is also home to a hub of innovation and collaboration in the pool, spa, and outdoor living industry. The International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo (PSP) and Deck Expo, co-located in Las Vegas, are set to gather industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the field.

Role of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) plays a pivotal role in promoting tourism and conventions in the city. According to Kris Osterbusch, Show Director for PSP/Deck Expo, “The mission of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is to promote Las Vegas as the world’s most desirable location for leisure and business travel.” The LVCVA achieves this through global marketing campaigns, trade show engagements, new business development for meetings and conventions, and securing or creating global entertainment and sporting events. Notably, the LVCVA is also responsible for air service development and enhancing transportation experiences in the city.

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Navigating the Impact of the Pandemic

The pandemic’s unprecedented impact caused Las Vegas to close its doors for three months. However, the city has made an impressive recovery. Kris Osterbusch stated, “We have returned with record-breaking visitation being driven by leisure demand. Our meetings and conventions are near pre-pandemic levels and gaining strength every month.” This resilience showcases the city’s dedication to both leisure and business travelers.

Attracting International Visitors to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a unique destination that offers a combination of 156,000 hotel rooms, 15 million square feet of space, world-class dining, and entertainment. The LVCVA provides research indicating that hosting meetings in Las Vegas attracts more attendees than any other convention destination globally. This is due to the exceptional balance between conducting business and enjoying leisure attractions. The upcoming PSP Deck Expo fits seamlessly into these initiatives, reinforcing the city’s commitment to offering an unparalleled visitor experience.

Collaboration and Accommodation for Large-Scale Events

Las Vegas has been meticulously designed to accommodate large-scale events while ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Kris Osterbusch emphasized, “This is a town that was built to service multiple, large-scale events at one time, and unlike some other major convention destinations, the resort corridor was built just for you!” Collaboration with local businesses and organizations is integral to minimizing disruptions during events like the Grand Prix that piggybacks on the PSP/Deck Expo. Roadway improvements, lane closures, and strategically placed bridges contribute to a smooth experience for all attendees and stakeholders.

Objectives and Goals of the PSP/Deck Expo

The primary objectives of the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo and Deck Expo revolve around providing professionals with valuable insights, connections, and opportunities for growth. The Expo offers firsthand experiences with innovative products and technologies, enables informed decision-making, and serves as a platform for networking and collaboration within the industry.

Global Impact of the Expo

The PSP/Deck Expo attracts participants from across the United States and over 60 countries worldwide, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange. This diverse representation facilitates cross-cultural exchange, sharing of best practices, and innovative ideas, contributing to the global growth and development of the pool, spa, and outdoor living industry.

This year's PSP Deck Expo promises something for everyone.
This year’s PSP Deck Expo promises something for everyone.

Showcasing Trends and Innovations

The Expo’s Retail Innovation Zone highlights the latest advancements in retail strategies and technologies. Attendees can also engage in a dedicated Women’s Networking Event, promoting diversity and empowerment in the industry. The Expo emphasizes solutions, training, and best practices for the service sector, with a focus on automation, smart systems, energy efficiency, and leadership development.

Education and Networking Opportunities

The Expo offers a rich array of educational and networking opportunities. The Welcome Party provides a relaxed atmosphere for networking, and a dedicated matchmaking service facilitates targeted interactions between attendees and manufacturers. The educational program covers a wide range of topics, from construction to technology, ensuring attendees can tailor their learning experience.

Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Networking and collaboration are encouraged throughout the Expo, from sessions and exhibits to dedicated zones on the show floor. These opportunities allow participants to engage in discussions, share insights, and build relationships, fostering industry-wide collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Best Advice for Attendees

For prospective attendees, show organizers advise securing preferred hotels early and planning ahead. Booking through the hotel block ensures exclusive rates and accommodations. Having a well-structured plan, using the show mobile app, maximizes the attendee experience by optimizing time spent at the Expo.

The upcoming PSP/Deck Expo in Las Vegas promises to be a dynamic showcase of innovation, collaboration, and professional growth within the pool, spa, and outdoor living industry. With its robust educational programs, networking opportunities, and dedication to creating a world-class visitor experience, the Expo continues to drive the industry forward on both a national and international scale.

Conference Dates: November, 10-15, 2023
Expo Dates: November, 13-15, 2023
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center | West Hall


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