How to restore health or gain shields in an Oasis Pool location in Fortnite


In the deserted wasteland of Fortnite Chapter Five, season three, an Oasis Pool is a sight for sore eyes and a delight for the depleted health and shield bar.

In an attempt to help players recover health and shields without needing to resort to Flowberry Fizz or Medkits, Fortnite has sprinkled the map with Oasis Pools in Chapter Five, season three. Just like the Underworld‘s green waters give you three extra dashes, Oasis Pools also have a secret power: health and shield restoration. Unfortunately, the recovery speed isn’t as fast as Korra’s Mythic, but it’s better than nothing. Even if you are willing to submit to the open waters of the Oasis Pool, recognizing one might be hard at first. In this guide, I’ll show you how to restore health or gain shields in an Oasis Pool in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three.

How to restore health or gain shields in an Oasis Pool in Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3

Oasis Pools are cyan-colored bodies of water that restore health and shields when you swim in them. To complete this quest in Fortnite, drop at one of the designated locations and swim until you recover 150 points of health or shields. Keep in mind that, though Oasis Pools regenerate health and shields, this process isn’t super fast. Getting 50 percent of one bar restored can take over a minute. Plus, unless you’ve taken some damage and need to restore 50 points of health, you can’t complete this quest in one sitting.

All Oasis Pool locations in Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3

all oasis pool locations marked on the map
Five secluded oasis pools. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are five Oasis Pool locations in Fortnite during Chapter Five, season three, and all of them are located in the south corner of the map. Here’s a breakdown of every Oasis Pool location in Fortnite:

  • There’s one Oasis Pool northeast of Sandy Steppes, right before the Nitrodrome.
  • There’s another Oasis Pool east of the Nitrodrome, just by the train tracks leading to Mount Olympus.
  • There’s a third Oasis Pool northeast of Brutal Beachhead, in the center of the oasis.
  • There’s a fourth Oasis Pool southwest of Mount Olympus, just as the oasis meets with the golden steppes of the Greek POI.
  • The last Oasis Pool is west of Brawler’s Battleground, at the very south of the map.

You get 15,000 points of experience for completing this particular weekly quest in Fortnite, but there’s also another jumpstart quest that asks you to step into an Oasis Pool and the Nitrodrome, which can also net you another 15,000 points of experience in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three.

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